Why likes on social media aren’t all that important

Why likes on social media aren’t all that important

Look up many “marketing” accounts on Instagram and the advice is laser-focused on getting you likes and engagement on your content on social media. Before you know it you’re spending more time than you’d like chasing an engagement rate on social media.

But what if we told you it might not be necessary?

Likes don’t necessarily translate into sales or results.

Take e-commerce, the main 4 metrics I recommend starting with are

  • reach
  • website visits
  • adds to cart
  • purchases

Reach affects the number of purchases, but likes don’t really factor all that much.

So why should we care about likes on social media at all?

Well, firstly social media platforms operate using an algorithm. The more popular a post is the more they show it to other people. Therefore you could argue that likes could increase your reach. You could just pay for the post to be shown to a larger audience, however, so we could approach it that way.

But what if your audience aren’t all that impressed with the content? Well then likes would be a good way to gauge what’s working, and what isn’t. You pay to increase the reach of a post that is going to flop and you’re basically flushing your money down the toilet.

How to approach what’s needed

It’s very easy to get bogged down in the crazy amounts of advice/tactics/strategy that gets thrown your way daily about digital marketing. Before you stress about likes on social media, our advice is to take a step back. What is it you’re trying to achieve?

  • more sales
  • more donations
  • more leads
  • more downloads

Get super clear on the steps you need to achieve that. Check where you can improve things. For example, aim to have 2% of all the people you reach on social media clicking through to your website. Aim for 5% of website visitors to add to the cart. Aim for 50% of these to checkout. Focus on improving the biggest issues. Take a look at this article to help you get the most out of your current sales process.

Then take a look at your brand. Do you have strength and depth in your brand? Are your audience responding well to it? This will really help your overall marketing efforts and likes on social media can help you gauge how well you’re doing. If people don’t really know who you are as a business this can affect everything from reach to visits to results.

One final consideration with likes on social media

Some people are scrollers, some likers, some commenters. Some are clickers, some like to window shop, and others will purchase. It’s completely normal to have one Facebook ad with lots of engagement, but no sales, and another with less engagement but more sales. Something in the ad appealed more to the people ready to take action.

Likes on social media are an important metric but they’re not the be-all and end-all.

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