Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing – How to Get More Sales

Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing – How to Get More Sales

Are you looking to grow your business or get more sales? Are you doing what you think is right with your marketing, but actually you’re not that sure if it’s right? Or maybe you realised you need to expand the marketing you are doing as you’ve plateaued. I will explain the differences between inbound marketing vs outbound marketing, and how understanding this can help your business and conversion rate.

The difference – Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

When you post on social media you are inbound marketing. You are putting content out into the world and waiting for it to be found by any number of people. Typically this includes social media posts, blogs, guides/freebies. You send it out to the world. Hope and pray the audience connects with it, if they do, they may head over to your website and purchase.

For example, you read this blog post, you like what you read, you check out our services, book a free audit, and then when we help you optimise your marketing you sign up for Facebook ads with us. True story.

Outbound marketing is you basically getting in your customer’s faces hoping to get a sale. It’s finding your customer and letting them know you exist. Think email campaigns to new audiences, calling people on the phone, Google and our favourite – Facebook Ads. (Questioning if they’re worth it anymore? read more about that here.)

Inbound marketing tends to have a more limited audience, it’s made up of your social media followers, maybe people who discover you through a hashtag or a friend sharing and people on your email list already. Typically this is what you’d call a “warm audience”, many of them will have already heard of you and had some experience with you already.

Outbound marketing can be to a warm audience but often is to a cold audience. Total strangers who’ve never really heard of you. This gives us a much bigger pot of people to sell to.

Pros and cons of Inbound Marketing Vs Outbound Marketing

Typically inbound marketing is cheaper in terms of the content – it’s free to put a social media post on. If people have signed up for your freebie, having an email marketing provider like Mailchimp, Klaviyo or Active Campaign, is quite a low monthly cost to retarget them with something like a newsletter. The great news is that it’s usually easier to convert this audience as they have already heard of you and may have already started building that online relationship with you. The bad news is, that this audience is likely to be limited in size. You’re only going to reach so many people with a social media post.

Outbound marketing means directly marketing to a specific person or demographic. It can be a harder sell as people haven’t heard of you before and need more convincing and typically there are costs involved. If you use paid advertising to reach a new audience and get your business in front of them, it’s going to cost you.

So how can you use this info?

When looking at inbound marketing vs outbound marketing, it’s a good idea to note where you’re getting your sales from. If you’re mostly using inbound marketing, you’ll probably find at some stage your marketing efforts plateau and you don’t get increases in the number of sales you get on a monthly basis. It can then be time to add outbound marketing to your strategy to target a new, bigger audience.

If you’re using outbound marketing, chances are you can reduce your costs by implementing some inbound marketing.

It’s about assessing your needs and costs and developing a balanced strategy with that in mind.

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