What is an Instagram Bio and why is it important?

What is an Instagram Bio and why is it important?

An Instagram bio is a short summary about you or your business/ brand and can include a brief description, contact details and more. It’s displayed on your profile under your username and photo.

Your bio is commonly the first engagement with your audience so now’s your chance to make a great first impression! That is why it’s so important to get it right. Think of your bio as your shop front, people wouldn’t want to come into your shop if it didn’t appeal from the outside if it was dark and gloomy with no signage and if they couldn’t tell what sort of shop it was or what products you sold.

You want to gain a visitor’s interest from the offset so that they want to follow you and see what you/ your business is all about and then that interest will hopefully convert them into a customer.


So, what makes a good Instagram Bio?

A good IG bio can mean the difference between a visitor following you and checking out your business or abandoning ship straight away!

And with only 150 characters to create the best ‘shop front’ possible you need to keep your bio short but sweet and of course informative.

Whether you use bullet points (you can even use emojis if it’s right for your brand) or a few short lines, use this space to talk to your target audience and tell them your story. You want people to understand who you are and what you’re about as soon as they reach your profile.

Keep reading for our top 5 tips on creating the best Instagram bio.


Top tip 1. The Name Field

Did you know that the name field on your bio is separate from your username? Many people don’t realise how important this field is. Instagram uses both your username and name field to generate search results.

It is also a useful (and rarely used!) SEO tool to reach even more users on IG as they search — improving your visibility on the app.

So, take some time to think about your brand and words that people would use to describe your business – keywords that your ideal customer might search for on Instagram. This could be your niche, the products you sell, or where your business is located. 

Once you find the right keywords, pop them in!

You could also experiment every couple of months with your keywords to see if this makes a difference to your visibility when people are searching. Just remember to keep in mind what your niche might be searching for.


Top Tip 2. Your Uniqueness

This is your opportunity to connect with your audience. Think about what makes you unique and stand out from your competitors. What things does your business have or do that sets you apart from the rest? Be sure to highlight them.

Showing people what you’re passionate about will also keep your bio interesting. But don’t forget to keep it short and sweet, you’ve only got 150 characters remember, that’s not a lot of information so make it stand out.

P.S. Don’t be afraid of adding in a bit of personality to the mix. Emojis and relevant puns can be a great way to steer your visitor’s eyes and capture their attention.  


Top Tip 3. Call-to-Actions

No matter what your business is, having a call-to-action in your Instagram bio is a must.

You can only add one link, so be sure to add a good one! If you just want to get people on to your website then add your website link or maybe you may need to set up an Instagram link tree – a simple landing page, accessible from your Instagram bio, that includes several links. These can lead to your website, store, blog, or anywhere you wish.

But don’t forget to use a call-to-action in your bio to tell people why they should click on the link in your bio. Whichever CTA you choose, remember to be clear and specific. If you want to drive more engagement from your bio, all you have to do is ask!

So, if you’re offering a resource, a promo code, a new product or requesting a follow, make sure to let your profile visitors know. The clearer you are, the better the chance of people engaging.

Another tactic to encourage more taps on your profile – Make use of those Action Buttons!

Depending on your account, you can include – Order food, Book now, Get quote, Reserve, or View shop. Creating an easier access point to yourself and your services.


Top Tip 4. Contact Details

Firstly, make sure that you have a business profile on Instagram, if you don’t then you might want to look at switching.

Having a business profile on IG allows you to include your email address, phone number and WhatsApp without using up any of those very valuable characters. Once that’s all set up, a visitor can easily reach out to you directly via email, a phone call, or be given directions to your location with ease.

You can also include your contact information within your bio itself if you wish or direct people to your DM’s for contact, just be mindful of the space it will take up and what else you need to get across to your profile visitors.

Additionally, with a business account, you can include a business or brand category that will appear underneath your name field – so people will know what you do as soon as they see your profile.

Plus you can add a location to your Instagram bio if you are listed as a public business! Just follow these easy steps:

  •       Go to your profile and select ‘Edit Profile’
  •       Under ‘Public Business Information’ select ‘Contact Options’
  •       Choose ‘Business Address’ and fill in the fields
  •       Save the changes
  •       Test the address in your bio to ensure the link works correctly


Top Tip 5. Profile Picture

When it comes to social branding, your profile picture is what people recognise most.

If you’re a brand or product-based business, you need to make sure that everyone who lands on your Instagram profile is quickly introduced to who you are.

Your company logo is most likely going to be the best option! You could also use a clear photo of your best-selling product.

If however, you’re an influencer, creator, or offer a personal service – such as a photographer, or life coach – then a headshot is your best option as YOU are the main part of your brand and should let your visitors know who you are straight away.

Yes, this probably sounds very simple, but using a headshot or logo will help visitors/ followers/ customers instantly recognise your brand as they scroll Instagram.  

And that concludes our Top 5 Tips for creating the best Instagram bio! 

So now’s the time to head over to your IG profile and put our top tips into action to level up your bio and attract your ideal audience. Get that traffic moving and sales converting. 

You work so hard on your Instagram posts, stories, and reels, don’t overlook your bio.

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