Common myths about the marketing industry.

Common myths about the marketing industry.

Do you know your marketing myth from fact? There is so much information online about the marketing industry but how do you know what is a myth and what is genuine about the marketing industry? Any business owner knows that marketing is an integral part of running a business and if it is to be a successful one, the marketing has to be spot on. However, this does not mean that everything you read is correct and there are many misconceptions about marketing and what you really need for your business. 

Do things correctly

Marketing has to be done correctly, it has to speak to the target audience; the customers and entice them enough to buy. No matter what it is you sell; a product or service,  the marketing has to grab the audience and give them something of value. Long gone are the days when you could stick any old thing on Facebook and people would flock to your site. We live in a digital age, where people live stream a baby’s birth amassing tens of thousands of viewers. The target audience is no longer happy with a pretty picture of your lovely product, it has to slap them in the face with why they need your product. Why it will improve their life- this is what marketing has to tap into.

So, how do we do this when the audience is so accustomed to living digitally and desensitised to traditional marketing methods? We adapt, follow the trends and see where the target customer is spending their time. What do they like and also importantly, what do they dislike? Where do they spend their hard-earned cash? 

Once a picture of the ideal or target customer has been created a plan can be formulated to connect to them and ultimately convert them into a customer.

Common myths and misconceptions

Once the customer persona or profile has been created and you know exactly who they are and how to target them, a marketing strategy can be implemented. This is where it is crucial to understand the different marketing methods and that there are many that are either complete myths, ineffective or both.

It’s not worth the cost

If you’re a business owner hesitating to get help growing your business through marketing, it may be because you doubt it’s effective. Perhaps you have heard rumours that certain elements of digital marketing are not worth the cost or are ineffective. Maybe you know someone who tried Tik Tok ads and it didn’t pan out?  But, as with a lot of things, there is no one size fits all approach in marketing and it has to be tailored to your business and your customer. There are foundational elements that are used across the board but there has to be a much higher level of individuality to make it hit all the pain points for your target audience.

We are too small so don’t need to

Something every marketing professional has heard time and time again and one of the biggest myths and misconceptions about marketing. Of course, the budget does come into it, as there is always a bottom line. However, in order to get great results from marketing there are some things that can be done such as finding the right team for you and your business. A marketing team that works for you as if they are part of the team, that understands how your business works and how your customer thinks. Spending money with the right people will always pay dividends. A solid marketing plan can help a business of any size reach new customers and keep existing ones. 

Marketing done correctly will generate revenue, while a sound marketing plan is a cornerstone for business growth. 

We already use ads, we don’t need more marketing

A strong ad campaign goes hand in hand with a strong marketing strategy, including brand awareness and really targeting the right audience. Without a doubt, paid advertising is an essential way to reach new and existing customers but there is so much more to marketing. While ads are great for drawing attention, building interest in your product, and driving short-term sales, they are most effective only while you’re running the ads. Building long-term trust and loyalty requires building a relationship and that means using other tactics as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Marketing agencies don’t care

Unfortunately, this seems to be the common opinion for many businesses that marketing agencies just don’t care and have no real interest other than the bottom line. This can be true for some marketing agencies and like in every industry and company there are poor examples but there are also many, many excellent ones who have integrity and genuinely care about their clients. It is important to shop around and do your research when it comes to selecting any person, team or business that you hire to work alongside your own business and marketing is no exception. Find people who you like, who you can build a relationship with as having good communication with an external team is imperative to the overall well-being of the relationship. Once you find the right people for your business. Having a team that is dedicated to that one area, and who knows what they are doing will have a massive impact on your business and you will see your investment pay off massively. Not all marketing agencies are built the same, many are genuine, sincere people who can help your business grow successfully. 

Unfortunately, there are several myths about the marketing industry that business owners believe. These ideas seem to make sense, but they are not born out of facts. And if you stick to them, you prevent yourself and your business from reaping the benefits of marketing. Moreover, you risk missing business opportunities, and you are also more vulnerable to competitors taking your customers.


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