You may have paid in advance. If so you don’t need to do a thing!

If you haven’t paid yet, and are required to pay upfront, we will send you an invoice – check your inbox or your client portal for this.

All clients - This is so we understand about your business

Please complete this onboarding form so we know all about your business. If you are unsure about any points, please let us know as it can indicate an area we can help you with as part of our service.

If we are working on Instagram or Tiktok in any capacity

Please can you submit your passwords here? We can then get logged in. If you have two-factor authentication turned on, do let us know. All the team operates from the UK, so you may get notifications that someone in the UK is trying to log in. Please do check with us if you are unsure and want to check it’s us.

If we are working on Facebook or Instagram Ads

We need to connect to your Facebook Business Manager as a partner.

You will need our parter ID which is 2146775465583733

Here is how to add us

  1. Click here to go to your business manager. This MUST be done on desktop.
  2. Select the appropriate business manager or click the button to create one if you don’t already have one.
  3. Under “accounts” in the left hand menu, select “pages” and add partner. Enter our ID from above.
  4. Then select “Ad accounts” and if you already have an ad account, click assign partner and enter our ID. If you don’t have an ad account then create one and follow the same steps.
  5. Under “data sources”, select “pixels”, and again assign a partner using our ID. You can also add a pixel to your website from here. This tracks everyone who goes on your website. We will need full permissions to be able to work on what we need.
  6. Under “brand safety”, select “domains” and assign a partner again. Again we will need full permissions to be able to work on what we need.

If any of this isn’t already set up, or you are struggling, let us know and we can talk you through it. Or if you need more help we will set you up over a meeting. You can book that in here.

If we are working on your email campaigns

  1. Please can you send us the details of the email provider you use, for example, Mailchimp.
  2. Please then either create a user for us to access the account or provide us with login details.

That’s everything we need for now. If we need anything else we will be in touch via Slack or email. Thanks from the NRD team for joining us!