Please see the list of actions below. Check if they apply to you and if so please follow the instructions in each drop-down box.

Any issues at all, please email team@northernreachdigital.com

If you are communicating via Slack

You should have received an invite from Slack to join via email. If you can’t find this email, you can try manually signing in. Here are instructions on how to do this.

Our Slack channel is https://northernreachdigital.slack.com

You can access Slack on apps on mobile and on desktop or via the desktop app.

If you want to communicate via email

Please use the email address team@northernreachdigital.com to send emails to us. This is monitored by the whole team and will get the quickest response from the right person. We will email you from this email so you have the email address as part of the onboarding process.

Your first invoice

You should have received your invoice via email. If you can’t see it in your inbox, please check your junk mail for an email from Invoice Ninja, our invoicing system. If it’s not there let me know at team@northernreachdigital.com.

All clients - This is so we understand about your business

Please complete this onboarding form so we know all about your business. If you are unsure about any points, please let us know as it can indicate an area we can help you with as part of our service.

If we are doing content or ads for you

We need access to your Facebook Page to manage Facebook, Instagram, or Facebook Ads. We have sent a request to you. To accept this request either respond via the email Facebook has sent, via the notification, or to manually accept, go to your Facebook business page, click settings, page roles, and the request is about halfway down that page.

If we are working on Instagram in any capacity

Please can you send your username and password to us via Slack or email – team@northernreachdigital.com. We can then get logged in. If you have two-factor authentication turned on, do let us know. All the team operates from the UK, so you may get notifications that someone in the UK is trying to log in. Please do check with us if you are unsure and want to check it’s us.

If we are working on Facebook or Instagram Ads

  1. First, you need Facebook Business Manager. Once this is set up we can manage things for you, but you need to set it up initially if you don’t already have it. This is how to set up Facebook Business Manager.
  2. You also need a pixel to track what’s happening on your website. If you don’t already have this, click here to find out how to get a pixel on your website.
  3. To add NRD to your Facebook Ads manager click here (you need to be on a desktop not mobile). Make sure you are in the right business manager by ensuring the correct business manager account is selected in the drop-down at the top right of the screen. Either select the right ad account for your business that you want to share, or if you don’t have one then create a new ad account. Click the “Partners” tab, and then “Assign Partners” and enter 2146775465583733 as the Partner Business ID. Select permissions and next.
  4. Now grant NRD  access to your website pixel. Click this link. Locate the correct pixel and click it, then same as above, click “Partners” and “Assign Partners”, enter 2146775465583733 as the Partner Business ID and assign permissions.
  5. Due to changes from Apple and iOS14, your domain needs to be verified for ads to run from Facebook. Click here to check this. Check your domain is listed and verified. If it’s not listed, please add your domain, and then verify it. It will give you different methods to do this. If you are at all unsure, please do let us know via Slack or email and we will help.
  6. Now can you give us access to your domain? Click here https://business.facebook.com/settings/owned-domains/, select the domain, click assign partners and add 2146775465583733.
  7. You need to set up certain events for the ads to understand the data. Go to this link, make sure your business manager is selected at the top left, and click “review events”. You should see your domain. You can set up a maximum of 8 events, and you want them in the order of importance. The top priority is usually a purchase, then adding paying details, then adding to cart, etc. The closer you are to the final sale, the more important the event is. Again if this is not working well for you, please just let us know.

And that’s it. Don’t be worried if something went wrong at this stage, it’s a very complicated setup from Facebook and we can usually sort issues over a screen share.

If we are working on your email campaigns

  1. Please can you send us the details of the email provider you use, for example, Mailchimp.
  2. Please then either create a user for us to access the account or provide us with login details.

All clients - Your reporting

We use Databox to manage your reports. This pulls your data in real-time into one place. We can create bespoke reports for the metrics important to you. If you aren’t already in the databox system you will shortly get some requests from Databox to enable us to access your data. Once the reports are built you will have a link that enables you to access these reports at any time.

That’s everything we need for now. If we need anything else we will be in touch via Slack or email. Thanks from the NRD team for joining us!