This task was a particularly interesting one. The products Equihandee sells are completely new to the market as they are inventions from Lucy, owner, and founder of Equihandee. This in itself has pros and cons. Whilst there aren’t really any true competitors, we have to fully educate the audience on exactly what the products are.

The brand has a very specific audience, the demographic is parents buying for their disabled children who want to horse ride or riding instructors who teach disabled children to ride.

Lucy was struggling to hit her target audience and drive enough traffic to her website, and in turn, wasn’t seeing the sales numbers she wanted for such a unique product. Her conversion rate on her website was actually excellent but overall the website was lacking in traffic.

The project was to build traffic whilst maintaining a high conversion rate.

We have managed to grow Equihandee’s Instagram audience from just over 1000 to over 7000. We choose Instagram as there are strong communities for horse riding and parents of disabled children. In addition, the organic reach on individual posts is better on this platform and Equihandee isn’t geographically limited by its sales region.

Equihandee has gone from strength to strength.

  • They have increased their product range from 2 items to 14 at the time of writing with another one in the design process.
  • They have successfully stocked the harnesses to several riding schools that cater to disabled children.
  • They have successfully partnered with a foundation run by a grade 1 international Para-dressage rider.
  • Equihandee is now reaching far more people and most importantly helping more children than ever have an opportunity to horse ride where they wouldn’t have been able to before.



May 2019 – present


Lucy Seeley | Equihandee

The Core Harness - helps children with spinal issues to sit in the saddle

What’s Next?

Next for Equihandee is to move to scaling paid ads to increase traffic further.