In July 2022, Pirate Show Live will be on the stage in London for its maiden voyage. Acrobatic pirates will be performing whilst families dine for the ultimate excitement and entertainment.

The brand is very clearly pirate-themed, with all messages coming from “The Captain”. The show has not run before so there are no images or videos to share, making it a real challenge to show the audience what to expect.

We were starting all the socials from scratch. The website was built by a trusted branding company – Keppel Leopard. Once the tickets went on sale, it became quickly clear that the website was converting at a super high rate, and we were very confident in Keppel Leopard’s work with nothing to add.

We created accounts on both Facebook and Instagram, and Facebook naturally became the best source of organic traffic. We set about building the brand, really trying to explain the concept and answering all the questions the audience might have, whilst prompting them to book tickets.

We further boosted this with Facebook Ads to drive more traffic to the website.

Some of the wins achieved for Pirate Show Live by NRD;

  • Click-Through Rate from social media of over 10% (we always aim for a benchmark of 2%)
  • Return on Ad Spend of 8x (Facebook Ads)
  • 15 specific influencers booked to market the show who generated a large number of ticket sales

May 2021 – Present


The Captain | Pirate Show Live

What’s next?

Pirate Show Live has been a success in its first run and will shortly be announcing a second run. We will be able to bring media from the first shows at this point to create some amazing social content and sell out the second run also!