Want to ask lots of questions to maximise your marketing? We can help...


Not sure about your Facebook Ads - let us check them for you


We love talking all things digital marketing with you!

Why not jump on a Zoom so we can delve into your data and digital marketing strategy and understand what it is you’re trying to achieve?

And why does this help – well can answer all your questions and as many as possible in an hour. We can discuss exactly what you’re doing right (do more of this!) and what you could improve. No more guesswork or wasting time and money.

We will follow up your call with the recording, and any information and discussion points will be documented for your ease.


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Ask us questions

We will answer all your questions, and if needed we can share screens so we can show you exactly what we mean and bring the consultation to life.

You choose the topic

No digital marketing topic is off-limits! Want to know if your Facebook Ads are worth continuing with or how to set them up better, we can cover it. Want to know if your website is optimised, we can tell you how to work this out and show you live on the call.

After Call Follow Up

After the call you receive

  • video of our call
  • document with synopsis ad follow up points
  • 1 x email support for any further questions


If you select “buy online” you will be asked to make payment, then taken to a contract and an onboarding form which gives us more information about. Once those are received we will be in touch and begin work within 3 business days.

Want to discuss this further?
Then book a meeting with us to find out if it’s right for you.

How do I purchase?

You can purchase straight from the website and we will begin work within 3 business days. Or if you want us to design a bespoke package or have questions, you can book a complimentary meeting with us or contact us and we can discuss this.

What do each of the packages include?

You can see in each box what is included in each level of service. The main difference is the amount of work we do. The mini audits give really good insights and actionable tips that will help you improve your business at a realistic level of work each month.

The full marketing strategy is literally everything! We research everything you can think of about your business, from competitors, predicted sales numbers, your customers, your branding and even things like current trending topics and how they might affect you, for example, the cost of living crisis.

Is there a minimum term contract on the monthly mini audits?

No, we work on a rolling monthly basis. You can cancel at any time with 28 days notice.

How do I cancel?

You can email us at team@northernreachdigital.com to cancel. Please give us 28 days notice.

Not sure what package you want?

Complete this form or book a meeting and we’ll help you.